Your New Pastel Painting

Before opening your new pastel artwork, please read the guidelines below to ensure your art work lasts for years to come.

1. Handle around the edges only. Pastel is a delicate medium and will smudge if touched: the painting can be ruined if not handled properly. 

2. Keep the painting in the cellophane sleeve that it was mailed in until you are ready to frame it.  This keeps the piece safe from dust, hairs, and smudges until it can be properly protected with a frame.

 3. Make sure your framer is very comfortable framing pastel paintings.  All frames must use real glass, not acrylic or plexiglass as pastel particles can come off of the paper if there is any type of static.

4. Always frame with either  a mat/mount or with a spacer.  This ensures that the pastel painting and paper do not be in direct contact with the glass. 

 6. Do not place your artwork in direct sunlight!  Even though archival quality professional art supplies are used, Direct sunlight will fade the artwork.  Choose a wall that receives no sunlight or only indirect sunlight if you want your artwork to last a lifetime or longer.